Justice sculpture, Shelburne Museum
Unidentified maker, Justice, ca. 1800, Pine, wood, and metal, 120 in. Collection of Shelburne Museum, museum purchase, 1950,1961-1.299. Photo by Allen Gilbert.

General information

  • What’s the “common benefits¬† clause,” and why is it important in understanding equity?

Topical themes

  • School Funding: “The distribution of a resource as precious as educational opportunity may not have as its determining force the mere fortuity of a child’s residence.”
  • Marriage equality: “In concluding that extending the benefits and protections of marriage to the plaintiffs was ‘simply, when all is said and done, a recognition of our common humanity,’ the Baker decision was intended to resonate with every Vermonter.”
  • Health care reform: “The truth is, Vermont has a century-long record of disappointment when it comes to health care reform. Starting in the 1920s, the state has looked at many changes to improve medical services for Vermonters in a way they can afford. No one has been satisfied with the overall results. Where is our Tommy Douglass, the Canadian health care hero?”